Brussels Sprouts with Bacon + Brown Sugar


Somewhere along the line, Brussels sprouts got a bad reputation, but by no fault of their own. Most likely, the household cook of the family learned to boil them, cooking them down to soggy mush. (Any boiled veggie is a no-no IMHO)

It’s time to reclaim the love of Brussels sprouts, and this recipe will have you saying, “seconds, please!” The salty bacon and sweet brown sugar compliment this misunderstood miniature cousin of the cabbage.

What you’ll need:

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon + Brown Sugar

8 medium-to-large Brussels sprouts, stemmed and halved
2 slices of bacon cut into small pieces
1/2 TB brown sugar
2 TB butter
Salt + pepper to taste

Cook bacon in a medium skillet and remove. Reserve 1/2 drippings in pan and butter. Place Brussels sprouts cut side down. Cook until golden brown on cut side and flip, about 15 minutes. Add bacon back to skillet and bring up to temperature. Season with sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste.

Brussels Sprouts + Bacon

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