White Margarita

The Best Holiday Cocktails: White Margarita

The phrase, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”, will take on a new meaning after you make this White Margarita. They seriously resemble snow with a taste of the tropics. In fact, you’ll probably find yourself humming “Margaritaville” as you make them. Sorry, Bing Crosby.

The snowy texture of this White Margarita is achieved through coconut milk blended with ice, and using a silver tequila to keep the pure white color. The density of the blended cocktail can withstand the weight of the cranberries at the top, as if they were just tossed there in the snow. Don’t forget to rim your glass with sugar (I used decorative sugar for more sparkle.)

Enjoy the look on your guests face when you hand them with this unique, frozen concoction. You better buy twice the ingredients, because these fun cocktails will disappear before the first present is passed!

If you haven’t been keeping up with our Twelve Days of Holiday Cocktails series, it’s not too late! We have all of the recipes listed on our home page, and you can follow us on Facebook to get the next 6 days.

White Margarita

White Margarita

A blended white margarita made with coconut milk, tequila, and triple sec. 

  • 1 (14 oz) can coconut milk
  • 12 oz silver tequila
  • 8 oz triple sec
  • 2/3 c lime juice
  • 2 c ice
  • sugar for garnish
  • lime for garnish
  1. Combine coconit milk, triple sec, silver tequila, lime juice and ice into a blender. Blend until mixture is slushy.

  2. Rim your glass with lime juice and dip in sugar. Pour margaritas into glass and garnish with lime slices and cranberries. 


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