Christmas Cranberry Mimosa

The Best Holiday Cocktails: Cranberry Mimosa

It’s Sunday morning, time to brunch with a Christmas Cranberry Mimosa! This cocktail is likely the most simple one we have on our countdown, but one that we cannot leave out in the cold. Mimosas  have been a part of our special occasion breakfasts and brunches for nearly a century.

It is believed the Mimosa originated at the Ritz Hotel in France in 1925, and is named after a yellow cascading flower, known as the Silver Wattle.  One will find mimosas served at brunches, of which originated in England in he late 19th century and in became popular in America in the 1930’s. Considering their dates of inception, it’s only fitting that the mimosa started getting served at brunches. How’s that for some Sunday morning trivia for you?

Our Christmas Cranberry Mimosa is just a slight variation on the original, which is usually one part citrus juice to one part Champagne, served cold. Our recipe adds a splash of cranberry juice cocktail and a garnish of cranberries for some seasonal flare. Simple, festive, easy.

In our family, we typically drink a Cranberry Mimosa while opening gifts on Christmas morning. We enjoy a brunch spread of egg strata, Christmas breads, fresh fruit, and copious amounts of cranberry mimosas, eggnog, and coffee.  This always fares well for the sleep deprived adults who have been up since 5am with their excited children. It’s an occasion I cherish,  not only for the delicious famous egg strata that my mother makes and the cranberry mimosas,  but for the memories made with our family. 

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