The Best Turkey Burgers (with Red Curry Aioli)

When the countdown to Christmas hits, my focus shifts to the to-do list instead of planning ahead dinners. Last week I pulled out a tried-and-true recipe for the best turkey burger because it didn’t require many ingredients or much prep.

It seems everyone I meet hears turkey burgers and has some form of displeased look on their face, mainly because their past experiences have included dry texture, flavorless meat, and super wet patties that are hard to form. We all can related to the misery of some of the recipes we have tried in the past, and I am here to say THOSE DAYS ARE GONE because the best turkey burger is here. 

The Best Turkey Burger Recipe is Here

I have the best turkey burger recipe. And yes, I am willing to place a bet on it. I cannot guarantee that the patty will be easy to shape (wet), but once you get over that, you’ll quickly look beyond that teeny tiny challenge.

This turkey burger packs a flavorful punch, is moist (I know, I hate that word too), and even the kids liked it. Dang. Nothing should hold you back from making these. These turkey burgers are made with simple ingredients that you have in your pantry.

Turkey Burger

The Best Turkey Burger Recipe is Versatile

We like to serve our turkey burgers with fun accompaniments because they are so versitile. This particular version adds a Thai flare with a mayonnaise-based red curry aioli. Aioli is just a fancy word for flavored mayonnaise, so don’t let that scare you off. The only thing that should scare you about aioli is getting addicted to it.

We typically purchase frozen ground turkey from Costco. We find they have the best organic meats for the price. So, if you don’t mind having three pounds of ground turkey frozen in your freezer, it’s a great idea.

How to Make the Best Turkey Burgers with Red Curry Aioli

You’ll want to grate the onion first. If you’re wondering why we grate the onion, it’s so that it combines thoroughly throughout the meat and you’ll  trick all those onion haters out there. Really though, onion flavor is in everything, people.  We need to stop the hate on onions. It blends in, so don’t let that stop you from adding it or you’ll have a flavorless burger.

Add the onion to the meat along with the ketchup, worcestershire sauce, and. Mix to combine. Your meat mixture will be wet. I have experimented with adding an egg and breadcrumbs for a binder, and it didn’t make much difference besides adding carbs.

Heat your skillet heated to a medium-high heat. Form a patty to the best of your ability and add it to the pan. Once it starts cooking, it will become firm enough to flip. Each side should be golden brown.

Cook each patty until the juices run clear when you cut it with a knife or reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees F. If it’s not done and your patty cannot take anymore browning, finish it in a 400 degree oven until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F.

While the burgers are cooking, mix up your aioli and cut up any accompaniments you choose. For this sandwich, we are serving it with fresh spinach, red pepper, and avocado on a bakery-fresh hamburger bun.

The Best Turkey Burger Doesn’t Need a Bun. For Reals.

I didn’t eat my turkey burger on a bun to save myself from the carbs basically because my hips don’t lie. To anyone. I really wish they would lie. The best turkey burgers are dense enough to cut up with a fork and knife, and dippable into the aioli. Unlike other turkey burgers I have tried, this turkey burger is dense. YASSS.

Alright! Let’s make these! If you try them, let me know what you think. If you need some time, remember to pin this recipe for later. You might also want to try our Rosemary Ranch Chicken Kabobs, too. 

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