The Most Clever Worry-Free Plant Watering Idea Ever

Heading out for the holiday weekend? Ensure your plants are watered without asking your neighbor.

Recently my quick Amazon search for “plant watering” turned up the most clever idea. I found these terracotta plant watering stakes that are uniquely shaped to hold a long-neck bottle (like a wine bottle) to deliver the perfect amount of moisture for your outdoor or indoor plant. I ordered them immediately on Prime (only 11.99!)

Using recycled wine bottles filled with water, we were able to stake these terracotta plant watering stakes in each of our planters before we headed on out a 5-day vacation to the most appropriate destination for this blog post, Napa Valley. When we returned about half of the water was gone and the plants looked healthy and well-kept.

Plant Watering Idea

How It Works:

It’s insanely simple, really. The plant watering stakes water your plants as the water slowly seeps through the unglazed terracotta and into the soil. To install in my planter, I simply stuck the stake into the soil, filled the bottle to the top with water, and quickly flipped it into the open end of the stake. Some water leaks out immediately.

Plant Watering Idea

The Perfect Gift for Any Wine Lover

I can’t get over how cute these stakes are, and so creative. Making good use of empty wine bottles is a great way to recycle and use what you have on hand. If you’re anything like me, you have a few laying around or some fun neighbors that might.

For larger planters I used two bottles. It probably wasn’t needed, but I wanted to be extra careful. I think the wine bottles look cute, don’t you?

Plant Watering Idea

When my husband and I came home after our 5 day trip, there was still water in the bottle. Obviously this will vary based on your climate and weather, I believe it rained a couple times when we were gone.

Admittedly I have not removed them yet as it’s kind of nice not to worry about watering the plants everyday. Call me lazy or innovative, your choice. 😉

Who waters your plants when you leave on vacation? If you don’t have anyone that can help out, perhaps a set of these terracotta plant watering stakes is in your future!

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