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blog kate picHi! I’m Kate!

I’m just another working mom and wife
trying to get through this thing called life…
with chickens, bees, good food, and some positive thoughts. 

A couple years ago my husband and I moved our dog and two boys from a bustling suburb to the country. It was the best change we ever made and has allowed for freedom to do things we’ve always wanted to try, like raising backyard chickens, growing our food, and bee keeping. I knew the trees, fresh air, and abundance of space would be good place for a home, but never realized how much of a relief it would be for our souls. Realizing this, I quit my job working at a large company to work from home, which gives my life a much-needed balance. Drinking coffee while responding to emails from my patio table has become the norm, with chickens pecking at my toes.

If you want to learn more about my blog or any of the content here, please email me.