The Most Clever Worry-Free Plant Watering Idea Ever

Heading out for the holiday weekend? Ensure your plants are watered without asking your neighbor. Recently my quick Amazon search for “plant watering” turned up the most clever idea. I found these terracotta plant watering stakes that are uniquely shaped to hold a long-neck bottle (like a wine bottle) to deliver the perfect amount of…

Cultivate the Life You Want

Approaching middle age has taught me these three things, and I wish I knew them earlier. February is a big birthday month around my house.  My husband inched closer to 40. My twin brother and I celebrated our 38th. My sisters birthday is today. All this aging and celebrating has me reflecting on the past…

Our Family Dog Died: How We Explained it to the Kids

How we helped our children process the devastating loss of their pet, and how you can too. Stella died on a cold, snowy Monday when the kids were at school. After it happened, we wondered how we could we explain to the kids that the dog died in a way that they would understand. We…

December Chalk Inspiration

December got away from me this month. This past weekend I got my December chalk drawing complete. I knew I wanted to revert back to a wreath theme. For this month I chose a lighter touch, more  line weight variation, and a limited color palette. 

Quote Collective | Humor

Humor is the universal solvent against the abrasive elements of life. – Alan Simpson Pin this! See more quotes.

Quote Collective | Lift Up

In order to kick ass you must first lift up your foot. – Jen Sincero If you haven’t read any of Jen Sincero‘s hilarious and extremely motivating books, you should. Pin this! See the next quote about motivation. See more quotes from the Quote Collective on Pinterest.

Quote Collective| Don’t Be Afraid

Pin Worthy Quote: “Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try…” Pin this! View more quotes. When I launched this blog, I had so many feelings of anxiety and insecurity. Thoughts like, “what will people think” and “what if I can’t keep up” have flooded my mind. Someone gave me great advice the…