Snowy Glowy Jars

Once the cold winds start blowing across Wisconsin, we find ourselves hold up in our homes trying to find indoor activities to keep our kiddos stimulated and happy. The cold came early this year, so please send us prayers as I swear the cabin fever has already set in. With the kids mounting boredom and the impending holidays, these Snowy Glowy Jars captured their curiosity on a frigid afternoon last Sunday.

I knew that I wanted to do a holiday related craft with the kiddos, but this time I wanted it to have “shelf life”. You know, something that would interest them past the hour it took to make (no offense, Popsicle stick snowflakes). Add in some inspiration from snow globes and my over abundance of canning jars and that’s when the desire to make these Snowy Glowy Jars hit. Using a large Ball jar, it would be simple for the kids and I to make miniature snowy scenes with magical glowing lights that twinkled overhead (sans water).

I went to Michael’s Craft Store and found a huge variety of holiday small trees and figurines that ranged around $1 – $4 for making small winter scenes  In case you don’t have canning jars lying around, Michael’s also had a huge selection of various sized jars. An old pickle jar would work just fine, too!


Here’s my supply list:

  • 1 large clear sided jar (avoid the jars with embossed markings on all sides, as you’ll want a clear window into the snowy scene.)
  • 1 set of battery operated twinkle lights (we found ours in the dollar aisle at Target!)
  • Various Mini Figures (such as small bottle brush Christmas trees, holiday figurines, or small ornaments. We found woodland creatures, gold dinosaurs, and some cute Christmas vehicles because BOYS).
  • Fake snow 
  • White felt or heavy white card stock
  • Ribbon

Here are the tools you’ll  need:

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Long skinny item such as a shishkabob skewer or butter knife
  • Spoon

Step 1: 

Ensure the figures  you’ll be placing in your jar will fit. (We might have run into that issue with that cute little train in front, oops.)

Trace the bottom of the jar onto the felt. Cut out the circle. This will be the base of your snowy scene inside of your jar.


Step 2: 

Ask your kiddos to arrange their holiday figures onto the felt. This will help determine what their scene will look like inside your jar, and where you (the parent) needs to hot glue them on.

Step 3:

Hot glue the figures onto the felt pad. Now you have your scene, and it’s time to put it into the jar.

Using your hot glue gun, carefully drop hot glue into the inside bottom of the jar, doing your best to get it evenly distributed.

Working fast, carefully manipulate the felt and figures into the jar, and lower it onto the hot glue. I needed to shift it around to get it centered after placing it in. To do that, I used a shishkabob skewer to nudge and then pat it down.

Step 4: 

Carefully spoon the fake snow it into the jar. The boys loved this part, and had a hard time holding themselves back from making the snow too deep. 🙂


Step 5: 

Time for the twinkle lights! The magic of these jars is achieved through the floating twinkle lights.

Twinkle Lights
Battery operated LED twinkle lights usually are strung on a fine bendable wire. This enables you to ball up the lights so they hang suspended over the scene. Make sure all the lights are inside the jar, and close it up with the lid. The lid should be able to be screwed on over the last section of the cord. This will leave the tail and power switch of the lights outside of the jar.

boys and jars

The kids love to be able to turn on and off their jar whenever they want. They’ve chosen to put them on their bedside tables for night lights.

Snowy Glowy Jar

Honestly, they turned out so stinkin’ cute, I can barely handle it. I had to make one for myself. I opted for the dinosaur in a sideways jar. It looks sweet on the boys bookshelf in their reading nook.

Dino Snowy Glowy Jar

We had a lot of fun with this craft. Every night as I tuck in the boys I ask them what their favorite part of the day was. The older kiddo said making these jars was his favorite moment, which made this mama smile.

Have fun!