Cranberry Orange Bread

A Delicious Traditional Breakfast Bread Made with Fresh Cranberries and Oranges

The holidays are a time for traditions, which always includes making a couple loaves of Cranberry Orange Bread. The tradition started with my mother and has been passed down to me. I found this particular recipe last year when trying something different, and I will never go back and use another one because it is that good.

The flavors in this particular recipe for Cranberry Orange Bread are more intense and fresh than others I have tried. In addition, the texture is cake-like, dense, and moist (there I go again with that terrible word.)

Cranberry Orange Bread

When making this bread, I always make sure I make two loaves; one for my husband’s family and another for my family. We like to serve it with fresh butter, with the bread either warmed up or room temperature.

Last year, when my husband tried this cranberry orange bread, he proclaimed it was the best he ever had, and now insists that we only use this recipe. I don’t disagree! The tart cranberries with sweet orange bread is very close to heaven in bread form.

The recipe makes two loaves, so if you only want one, you’ll have to split it. It also calls for fresh cranberries, but frozen can be used as well.

Cranberry Orange Bread

When baking this bread, I have found that ceramic/stoneware bread loaf dish seems to work better than metal. When I did a side-by-side test of ceramic versus metal, the ceramic pan produced a bread that was less dark on the bottom, and more evenly baked. You could also make muffins with this recipe.

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Cranberry Orange Bread

The following Cranberry Orange bread recipe was adapted from

Make sure you pin this recipe for safe keeping. If you like this, you’ll also love our best ever waffle recipe. Enjoy!

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