Christmas Cranberry Brandy Old Fashioned

The Best Holiday Cocktails: Cranberry Brandy Old Fashioned

In true Wisconsin form, I cannot leave out the official state drink (and my personal favorite), the Old Fashioned. This Christmas Cranberry Brandy Old Fashioned is a tasty seasonal take on the classic cocktail, using cranberry juice for part of the wash.

Speaking of Brandy, did you know that Wisconsin is the #1 consumer state of Korbel Brandy in the nation? We consume around 1/3 of their total production. I’m always amazed and strangely proud when I hear this fact.  If you prefer your Old Fashioned made with whiskey, don’t worry, we’ll be visiting this cocktail again in a few days, and we’ll be using some white whiskey. I should also mention, this cocktail is made “sweet” with the lemon-lime soda, as opposed to “sour”, which would be made with grapefruit soda.

The Christmas Cranberry Old Fashioned is easy to make, super festive, and what I think should be a staple on any home bartender’s menu for the holidays.

Christmas Cranberry Brandy Old Fashioned

Prep Time 10 min
Yield 1 drink

2 oz Brandy
3 dashes bitters
1 sugar cube
Cranberry juice cocktail
lemon-lime soda (such as Sprite)

Muddle orange with sugar cube. In a lowball glass, add brandy, bitters, and muddled orange and sugar. Add ice, 1/4 cup cranberry juice cocktail, and top with lemon-lime soda.

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Old Fashioned

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